Nov. 21, 2002


Phil Tucker
United Bow hunters of New Jersey

Dear Mr. Tucker:

For some time, a group of New Jersey bow hunters has attacked, with words, activists on the internet web site "". Since the Bowsite is a rallying place for the United Bow Hunters of New Jersey (UBNJ), and since you yourself have posted messages on it, these comments, I am sure, are well known to you.

These attacks have ranged from the feeble-minded to the violent.  "How could you be an American with a name like Chaifetz?", came to me from one frequent visitor to the site. Another bow hunter told of how he wanted to kick me, and to one up him, a different bow hunter wrote, "Well, I actually would love to deck him...".

Another frequent target of bow hunter venom is Lynda Smith, who has fought against bear hunting in this state. After posting a news article in which she was quoted, Jerry Ray, a member of the UBNJ Council wrote the following: "She should use her mouth for other things!!"

Mr. Ray's statement opened up a chorus of sexual harassment against Ms. Smith, including questions of her "mating habits" and "She don't eat MEAT BUT she sure do like the BONE !!!!!!!!!!".

These statements are infections that spread and poison minds, young minds, who see that it is acceptable to intimidate and threaten those you disagree with. When I fought against a bill to allow bow hunting on Sundays in New Jersey, one young bow hunter, who the police traced to a school system in the Poconos, declared that if he ever saw my family in the woods, he would kills us; that my wife and child were "fair game" in his eyes. 

Not once, Mr. Tucker, have you ever publicly denounced any of this hate speech. In my opinion, silence is just another form of approval.

John Hoinowski, like Mr. Ray, is a member of the UBNJ Council. Furthermore, he is clearly a spokesman/lobbyist for your organization, as he was quoted as being in a recent article in the Star-Ledger. He even states, in his own words from the Bowsite, that he is lobbying other groups for UBNJ: "Since my dealings with the NJ chapter of the Sierra Club this past spring/summer on behalf of the UBNJ...".

In an October 15, 2002 posting titled "What will you be for Halloween", Mr. Hoinowski wrote the following:

"The wife and I will be Friendly Black Bears inviting our self in for a quick dinner I will have a babydoll in my jaws and she will have a small stuffed dog in hers (all for the sake of realism)! "

We know that the hunting community is using the death of a child to further their own goal of getting a black bear hunt in our state, but what we did not know was how funny they found this tragedy to be. The next time a bow hunter holds up a picture of that poor child, and demands a hunt, we will remember what a good laugh they had on the Bowsite, at that child's expense.

The sickness of all these words speaks for themselves. But they also speak for the worth of UBNJ, whose Council members made them. 

While some of the attacks on the Bowsite have come from members of your organization, I cannot hold UBNJ responsible for what they have said. Those on the UBNJ Council, like Mr. Ray and Mr. Hoinowski, I can and will hold you accountable for.

And hopefully the Sierra Club, which you have been lobbying, the NJ Legislature and the public itself will hold you accountable as well.



Stuart Chaifetz