A baby calf is stolen from his mother soon after birth. He is chained to a crate, unable to move, so that his "meat" will be tender. After 18 months of continual suffering, a knife is drawn across his throat. To the NJ Farm Bureau, this is simply an act of business. And they'll fight to keep it this way .

When activists exposed horrendous conditions in NJ animal farms, a spokesman for the Farm Bureau, in defense of this cruelty said ""We disagree over what's humane".

We should not be surprised. The Farm Bureau has a long history of supporting cruel practices, and it isn't limited to animals killed for food. Were you appalled when in Princeton deer had steel bolts shot through their heads? The Farm Bureau was responsible for that law. They support killing black bears, geese, coyotes, and deer . To them, the only good wild animal is a dead one.

I implore all of the good farmers in this state to rise up against the bureau that pretends to represent them. They have spilled much blood in your name.

If you find offense in the way animals are treated, such as baby calves slaughtered for veal, then search your conscience ask yourself if this is something you want to be apart of. You can stop this cruelty by choosing not to eat these living beings. Animals feel joy and pain and suffer when harmed. They are all worthy of our defense and compassion.