In a recent article, the NJ Division of Fish and Game claimed success for their hunting program because the deer population went from 200,000 in 1995 to 170,000 now. This was a false statement. In their 1995-96 annual report it states that the deer population was 150,000, not 200,000. This one fact completely changes the story. There hasn't been a decrease, but an increase in the population, and far from a success, matters have been made only worse.

Fish and Game and the NJ Fish and Game Council have managed our deer herds to create the maximum amount of animals. Why? The salaries of Fish and Game employees are paid for from the sale of hunting licenses. Without plenty of deer for hunters to kill, state biologists would be out of a job. This creates a conflict of interest as the state agency that should be protecting wildlife instead profits from their deaths.

The Council is a state board that has power over our wildlife. It is controlled by the NJ Federation of Sportsmen, a hunting organization. The hunters tell the Council what to do, the Council tells Fish and Game, and their biologists carry out the 'management' plans.

Please contact your state legislator and tell them 100 years of hunter domination over our wildlife is enough. Tell them that a state agency that lies to the people it is supposed to serve is not worthy of the power given to them under law.